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Websites for business is an important asset for them specially if they are getting a good chunk of sales from their sites. It can also happen that business owners may not realize but people who are coming to their stores and actually buying items have make up their mind by first visiting their site. So tracking a site by putting web analytics on the sites is a must for business owners to give them a better position of their market and the items their site visitors are looking for. They can put videos , more details and reviews of products on their store specially for the things which people are looking at their site more frequently. This purpose can be achieved by tracking their websites and know the people and know what they have been doing on their sites to get a better understanding. After tracking code is on the website make sure to market the website using webdirectories like and other directories like DMOZ and yahoo directories. This will make sure that the users starts coming to your website after promotion through web directories and social media websites.

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